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Research & Analysis


We specialize in the highest-conflict  zones in the world (MENA, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Congo, Sub-Saharan Africa), conducting research and analysis as well as monitoring & evaluation to assess, strategize and make recommendations that will aide in the defending of human rights, and documentation of human rights violations.

We never give up because the people I work with never give up:

Moderator: Who is ISIS?

Respondent: “ISIS is a group of youth who suffered violence--from Arab regimes—have twisted religion and come to the Iraqi community with the support of Turkmen, Arabs, and nefarious people in our community. “

(The researcher then probed and asked him to clarify the term “Arab regimes.”)

Moderator: “As you see on TV, there are international people with ISIS.”

Respondent: “Yes, because they are also suffering. “

Moderator: “From what?”

Respondent: “Everyone has something he is suffering from.”

— 2014

We have over 20 years combined experience. We rose to research fame in 2014 when we conducted the largest nationwide survey of ISIS effects during the invasion of Mosul. We specialize in terrorism documentation and political/ economic assessments.

Monitoring & Evaluation

You can hire us on a contract-basis to conduct Monitoring & Evaluation of your organization. Past organizations we have monitored/ evaluated include:

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Qualitative & Quantitative Research

We specialize in both qualitative and quantitative research and have developed a customized survey software program that allows me to keep the team (translators, field staff, management) in the loop at all times.

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Want to see some writing?

Here's a good example of what a real report reads like.  


We specialize in gender-based violence of women and girls, and the rehabilitation post-trauma; including but not limited to: sexual assault, discrimination, honor killings and female genital mutilation. We also specialize in children and youth, concentrating on development and education. We also have extensive experience in transitional justice, making recommendations on how best to transition out of high-conflict and into a rule of law.


We provide a holistic consulting practice--developing initial budget and methodology, questionnaires, desk research. We oversee field research, data management, data aggregation, dissemination and finalize all findings into reports. We are artistic and creative, which means we create more visuals for management and donors to be able to easily digest information. We are also tech-savvy and offer GIS mapping services as well as online interactive maps of security issues, demographics, etc.

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Need help?

We're always available to discuss evaluations and consulting contracts.

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